Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 [+Kunci Jawaban] 2020

Di Negara kita, Indonesia. Mempelajari Bahasa Inggris sudah seperti kewajiban, karena Bahasa Inggris adalah Bahasa Internasional yang dipakai oleh seluruh negara yang ada di Dunia.

Kali ini kita akan memabahas Soal Bahasa Inggris untuk Kelas 10 beserta kunci jawabannya. Langsung saja cek soal dan jawabannya dibawah ini ya. Untuk jawabannya saya beri tanda cetak tebal (bold).

A. Pilihan Ganda

Choose the correct answer (A), (B), (C), (D), or (E) for each number.

1. Sandra : Hi, Pamela………………..?
Pamela : Pretty good. And how is it going on you?
Sandra : not too bad
A. Who is your name
B. How are you
C. How do you do
D. Where are you go
E. How is it

2. It’s 8 a.m. Jhon just arrive in the school. The first word he says to his friend is…….
A. Goodbye
B. Good night
C. Good morning
D. Nice to meet you
E. Good luck

3. Read these papers, sign your name on the bottom of each page, and then fax……to the lawyer.
A. Her
B. His
C. It
D. Its
E. Them

4. We wanted to arrive before dinner, but……..flight was delayed.
A. It
B. Our
C. Its
D. Them
E. They

Questions 5 to 9 choose the appropriate answer based on this text.

My sister...... (5 ) to cook. She always has brilliant ideas for my lunch every day. ....... (6) cooks oxtail soup for today. I invite my friends to our house to taste this soup. ......... (7) love it so much and tell ...... (8) sister to open a restaurant because they think many people will like this soup and she will make much money from ......(9)

5. A. Loved
B. Love
C. Loving
D. loves
E. has loved

6. A. He
B. She
C. They
D. I
E. We

7. A. We
B. Them
C. He
D. She
E. They

8. A. his
B. Their
C. Hers
D. My
E. Mine

9. A. It
B. Its
C. Them
D. They
E. Her

10. A :………………………?
B : I’m going to stay at home.
What is the proper question for this answer ?
A. how are you doing?
B. what are you going to do tonight?
C. how are you today
D. do you like the party?
E. What’s going on?

11. Oh look!, It……..snow soon
The correct answer is…
A. is going to
B. can
C. will not
D. is not going to
E. would

12. Situation:
Siti has just got the first prize in the “Bakiak race” to celebrate Indonesia Independence day.
Beni congratulates her.
What does Beni say to congratulate Siti?
Beni : ” __________________________.”
Siti : ”Thank you.”
A. Sure, Good luck.
B. Congratulate to Siti
C. Congratulation, Siti.
D. Thanks, I will do my best
E. Thank you for saying so

13. Dayu : ”Who won the football match yesterday?”
Udin : ”Our team did. We won two to one.”
Dayu : ”Well done. _________________________.”
Udin : ”Thank you.”
A. I’m glad to hear that.
B. That’s too bad
C. I’m sorry.
D. You’re welcome
E. I’m sad to hear that.

14. Edo : ”Happy birthday, Lia.”
Lia : ”Thank you Edo. You are the first who congratulate me.”
Edo : ”Oh really? Here is a little present for you. I hope you like it.”
Lia : ”Thank you very much. You are really my best friend.”
Why does Edo give Lia a present?
A. Because Lia likes present.
B. Because today Dayu’s birthday.
C. Because Edo has a lot of money.
D. Because Lia is celebrating her birthday today.
E. Because Edo is celebrating his birthday.

Dear Moura


Ever since I heard about your success as the first winner of singing contest of FLS2N. I know how long and how hard you practiced. We are all very proud of you. We wish you all the best in pursuing your dream to be a popular singer some day.


Chair person of Class X A

15. The text above shows that . . .
A. The writer is one of the contestants
B. Moura is the best student
C. Moura is the best singer
D. Rudy is Moura's special friend
E. Rudy is a singer

16. Situation :
Fadel is going to participate in the story telling competition.
Dara shows her hope that Fadel will get a prize.

The conversation:
Fadel : “Dara, wish me luck. I will take part in the story telling competition.”
Dara : “____________________. I hope you will win the competition.”
A. Thank you very much
B. I hope so
C. I’m sorry
D. Sure, Good luck
E. I’m not sure

17. Situation :
Rahma’s father has given her permission to walk to the mountain. Gibril is happy
for her and expresses his hope that she will have a safe trip.

The conversation:
Rahma: “Thank God. Finally my father lets me go to the mountain walk.”
Gibril : “______________________. Have a safe trip.”
A. I’m happy for you
B. Wish me happy
C. Thank you very much
D. I hope so
E. Good luck for me

Read the text below to answer the question no.18-19

Paris is the capital city of France. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also one of the world’s most crowded cities. Lovely gardens and parks are found throughout Paris. At night, many palaces and statues are lit up. For this reason, Paris is often called’ The City of Light.’. Every year, millions of people visit Paris. The most popular place to visit is the Eiffel Tower. This huge structure has become the symbol of Paris. D’Louvre, one of the world’s largest art museums draws many visitors. The Cathedral Notre Dame, a famous church, is another favorite place to visit.

18. What does the above text tell about ?
A. The History of Paris
B. The Eiffel Tower
C. The Description of Paris
D. The most beautiful City in the World
E. The Cathedral Notre Dame

19. What has become the symbol of Paris?
A. France
B. Eiffel TowerC. D’Louvre
D. The Catedral Notre Dame
E. The big statue

20. Based on the text above why is Paris often called the City of Light?
A. Because millions of people visit Paris every year.
B. Lovely garden and parks a re found.
C. Because many statue and palaces are lit up at night.
D. Because Paris is the most beautiful city in the world.
E. Because there are many popular place to visit.

Read the text below to answer the question no.21 - 24

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal, an epitome of love, is actually a mausoleum. Standing majestically on the banks of River Yamuna, the Taj Mahal is synonumous to love and romance. Taj Mahal was constructed by Mughal Emperor Syah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife and queen. The name “Taj Mahal was derived from the name of Syah Jahans wife, Mumtaz Mahal, which means crowns of palaces.

Taj Mahal represents the finest architectural and artistic achievement. The mausoleum was constructed of pure white marble. This marble is inlaid with semi-precious stones (including jade, crystal, lapis lazuli, amethyst and turqoise) that form the intricate designs. Its central dome reaches a height of 240 feet (73 meters).

21. What is Taj Mahal actually?
A. Love and romance.
B. Crown of palaces.
C. It is actually a moseleum.
D. It is memory of his beloved wife
E. The luxurious palace

22. Why did the king construct Taj Mahal
A. It was built to memorize of his beloved wife.
B. It represents the finest architectural.
C. It is central dome.
D. This marble is inlaid with semi-precious stones
E. To invite some visitors

23. Where is the location of Taj Mahal?
a. It is in Indonesia
b. It is in Bali.
c. It is standing on the bank of river Yamuna
d. It is in dome.
e. It is in Paris

24. What was the name of Syah Jahan’s wife?
A. Taj Mahal
B. Mumtaz Mahal
C. Mughal
D. Mausoleum
E. Mughal Emperor

To : Students of SMA Jaya Raga

Our school will have English Debate Competition. All students can be participants in this event. It will be held from December 12-15, 2019. You can regist from December 1-2, 2019 to Mr Hartono.The first winner will get prize Rp.5.000.000, the second winner will get prize Rp.3.000.000 and the third winner will get Rp.1.000.000.

Please join us.

The Head Committee


This announcement is used to answer questions no. 25-27.

25. What is the third prize of English Debate Competition?
A. Rp.1.000.000
B. Rp.2.000.000
C. Rp.3.000.000
D. Rp.5.000.000
E. Rp. 6.000.000

26. When will the registration be opened?
A. December 1st, 2019
B. December 5th, 2019
C. December 12th, 2019
D. December 15th, 2019
E. December 20th, 2019

27. Who makes this announcement?
A. The head committee.
B. The students
C. The competitor.
D. The winner.
E. The Headmaster

28. Mary : Why was Tina absent yesterday?
Jhon : …………
a. She was sick.
b. She is in the house.
c. She is going to the movie
d. She goes to doctor.
e. She studies new subject.

29. Arya :”What did you do last night?”
Rina :…
A. I visit my grandmother.
B. I wait for the documents.
C. I am playing game.
D. I went to the movie with my friends.
E. I am at home.

30. Shane .. …for two hours.
A. Arrive
B. Arrived
C. Have arrived
D. Has arrived
E. Had arrived

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