Soal TOEIC [+Kunci Jawaban] 2021

Soal TOEIC [+Kunci Jawaban] 2021 - Apa itu Tes TOEIC? TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) merupakan ujian bahasa inggris berstandar dan diakui secara internasional. TOEIC digunakan dalam menilai kemampuan seseorang dalam berkomunikasi dilingkungan professional yang berbahasa inggris.

Dalam pelaksanaannya, Tes TOEIC terbagi dalam 3 versi.

  1. Listening & Reading
  2. Speaking & Writing
  3. Bridge
Namun, yang paling umum digunakan dalam Tes TOEIC ialah Listening & Reading.

Dalam pengerjaannya, Tes TOEIC dapat dikerjakan dalam waktu 2 jam. Dibagi menjadi 2 sesi, yaitu Listening and Reading. yang masing-masing sesinya dibagi menjadi 4 bagian. Listening dapat dikerjakan dalam kurun waktu 45 menit, sedangkan reading dapat dikerjakan dalam waktu kurn 75 menit. 

Sekarang, saya akan membagikan dan bahas mengenai Soal TOEIC beserta dengan Kunci Jawabannya. Bagi kamu yang ingin tahu silahkan cek soal dan kunci jawabannya dibawah ini ya. Soal ini biasanya juga ada dalam Soal Tes VIERA.

Soal Section Reading

Disini terdapat beberapa contoh soal dibagian Sesi/Seksi Reading. Jawabannya akan saya tandai dengan cetak tebal (bold).

1. Please contact Robert Chen for _________ in purchasing office equipment.

(A) store
(B) type
(C) help
(D) furniture

2. The awards ceremony will be _________ on the third floor of the Park Station Hotel.

(A) held
(B) raised
(C) taken
(D) granted 

3. After Massey Corporation acquired Brawley, Ltd., the _________ of its stock rose twenty percent.

(A) valuable
(B) valuate
(C) valued
(D) value (the + N)

4. In March, the Grand Symphony Orchestra will present an _________ opera by talented newcomer
Maria Cruz.

(A) excite
(B) excites
(C) excited 
(D) exciting (adj + N)

5. We hope to send _________ tax documents to you by the end of the week.

(A) you
(B) your
(C) yours
(D) yourself

6. (All materials _________ for the upcoming seminar) need to be copied at least two days in advance.

(A) called
(B) required (All materials that are required…)
(C) questioned
(D) invited

7. After the switch malfunction, electrical service on the main building was _________ restored at 8 P.M.

(A) finally
(B) constantly 
(C) consecutively
(D) usually

8. Traveling by train to Tokyo takes approximately one hour less _________ traveling by car.

(A) for
(B) with
(C) as
(D) than

9. Because Hong Kong is home to people from all over the world, a _________ of fashion styles can
be seen in the city on any given day.

(A) variety 
(B) kind
(C) separateness
(D) distance

10. Midtown Hospital compares _________ with other hospitals and provides services at lower

(A) favor
(B) favored
(C) favorable
(D) favorably

11. _________ there had not been slight delays in the bus service to the airport, Ms. Suzuki would
have caught her scheduled flight to Brussels.

(A) If
(B) Whereas
(C) Unless
(D) Even

12. Magnum Plus cameras _________ very popular right now because they are so easy to use.

(A) became
(B) are becoming
(C) to become
(D) becomes

13. The most _________ memo from the personnel department announced five new job openings.

(A) constant 
(B) recent
(C) occupied
(D) modern

14. The board of trustees will _________ vote on the revised proposal at its meeting later this

(A) define
(B) definite
(C) definitive
(D) definitively 

15. Because of _________ extremely focused customer bases, small business owners can often
respond quickly to new economic trends.

(A) they
(B) their + N (extremely focused customer bases)
(C) theirs
(D) them

16. Payment is _________ at the time you check out of the conference center.

(A) expect
(B) expecting
(C) expected
(D) expectation

17. Officials attribute the _________ in service to a software upgrade that makes the system run

(A) improvement
(B) exchange
(C) relief 
(D) lift

18. Mark Jarvela, a junior employee, proposed an innovative project that has been funded by one
of the organization’s biggest _________ .

 (A) sponsor
 (B) sponsors (one of the + Ns)
 (C) sponsored
 (D) sponsoring

19. Fargo Electronics has _________ halted (stop / cease / terminate) production of its newest line of
video games until retailers have sold off the existing surplus.

 (A) consecutively 
 (B) energetically 
 (C) vacantly 
 (D) temporarily 

20. Please note that this brochure is intended as information only and does not replace or _________ 
the product warranty.

 (A) supplement (V) does not V1 or V2
 (B) supplements
 (C) supplemented
 (D) supplementing

21. The cost of round-trip air transportation is included _________ the nine-day cruise package..

 (A) by
 (B) in
 (C) at
 (D) to
22. Dr. Sato has indicated that there may soon be an _________ for an apprentice technician in chemical-production laboratory.

 (A) open
 (B) opened
 (C) openly
 (D) opening
23. Mr. Hernandez is not available at the time the work crew is schedule to arrive, and _________ is Ms. Hakkonen.

 (A) so
 (B) also
 (C) neither not
 (D) yet
24. The meteorological agency recommended that tourists to the region (should) be _________ dressed for frigid conditions.

 (A) suitable
 (B) suitably
 (C) suitability
 (D) suitableness
25. Please _________ the bottom portion for your records.
 (A) retain
 (B) retaining
 (C) retains
 (D) retained
26. Repairing the old copy machine would have _________ half as much as buying a new one.

 (A) lasted
 (B) cost 
 (C) spent
 (D) paid
27. The market-research department conducted a _________ on how often people listen to the radio while driving their cars.

 (A) design
 (B) response
 (C) survey
 (D) broadcast

28. Because the sales representatives were late leaving the office, there was very _________ time for us to talk before the client meeting.

 (A) little
 (B) small
 (C) short (a short time)
 (D) brief 
29. Editors of the Financial Gazette reserve the right to review advertisements and correct _________ errors in spelling or format.

(A) well (adj)
(B) them
(C) much
(D) any

30. The National University plays an important _________ in preparing leaders for the country’s educational system.

(A) work
(B) piece
(C) role
(D) task

31. Research suggests the health benefits of whole grains come from the _________ of all the nutrients, not just the amount of fiber.

(A) combination
(B) proximity
(C) working
(D) settlement

32. Intercity Bus Company will be providing _________ bus service for holiday travelers next weekend.

(A) frequent
(B) often
(C) numerous + Ns
(D) really

33. Although Dr. Obetz is qualified in several areas, nutritional health is one of her _________ .

(A) specials
(B) specializes 
(C) specialties 
(D) specialists

34. The president of Corvatech announced that this years annual report id ready to be _________ to the company stockholders.

(A) published
(B) distributed 
(C) transacted 
(D) disposed

35. The institution’s ability to meet its _________ growth levels will depend on the commitment of all staff.

(A) objected 
(B) aimed 
(C) targeted 
(D) figured

36. Some officials stills need _________ of the importance of separate playing fields for young football and baseball players.

(A) convince
(B) to be convinced
(C) be convincing
(D) have convinced

37.  _________ all the candidates applying for the job, Mr. Wang appears to be the most promising.

(A) On
(B) Between
(C) Through
(D) Of

38. In order to make room for new inventory, stores that _________ would not offer promotional discounts might advertise a limited-time sale.

(A) solely 
(B) further
(C) otherwise
(D) fully

39. The manufacturer guarantees that its cosmetics products are good for three years or until the expiration date on the package, _________ is sooner.

(A) what
(B) when
(C) that
(D) whichever

40. The analyst’s commentary in the progress report was sharply _________ of the leadership team.

(A) critical
(B) critic
(C) critically
(D) criticism

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