Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 [+Kunci Jawaban] 2020

Bahasa Inggris adalah bahasa yang berasal dari Inggris raya. Bahasa inggris merupakan kombinasi dari beberapa bahasa lokal yang sering dipakai oleh masyarakat Norwegia, Denmark, dan Anglo-Saxon.

Saat ini, bahasa Inggris telah menjadi media komunikasi utama bagi masyarakat di berbagai negara di dunia, seperti Inggris, Amerika Serikat, Kanada, Australia, New Zealand, Afrika Selatan, serta masih banyak lagi negara yang mejadikan bahasa inggris sebagai media komunikasi utama negara mereka.

Di Negara kita, Indonesia. Mempelajari Bahasa Inggris sudah seperti kewajiban, karena Bahasa Inggris adalah Bahasa Internasional yang dipakai oleh seluruh negara yang ada di Dunia.

Kali ini kita akan memabahas Soal Bahasa Inggris untuk Kelas 11 beserta kunci jawabannya. Langsung saja cek soal dan jawabannya dibawah ini ya. Untuk jawabannya saya beri tanda cetak tebal (bold).

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 [+Kunci Jawaban] 2020

A. Pilihan Ganda

Choose the best Answer. 

1. Mira :What shall we do to day? 
    Adin : ...we go to the museum.
A. Shall I
B. Let’s
C. Why don’t
D. Would you
E. If I were you

2. Dian :Hey Mira, ...go star gazing tonight.
    Mira : Ok, sound good.
A. Are you
B.How about
C. Shall them
D. Would you like to
E. What about 

3. Sisi a cup of coffee?
    Amir :Thanks.
A.Can I
B. I’ll do
C. Can you
D. Should I
E. Would you
4. Rya : “Would you like to go to the concert?
    Beth : I can’t. I must accompany my grandmo at home....cook some traditonal food and watch tv instead.
A. How about
B. Let’s
C. What about
D. I think
E. Can you
5. Tika :.. .the washing if you like. 
    Alia : Thank you 
A. Can I
B. Would you
C. I’ll do
D. Let’s
E. May you
6. Annie : I’m so hungry
    Abraham :...get you something to eat?
A. How about?
B.What about.
C. Why don’t
D. Can I
E. I think
7. Tia :...get you a drink?
    Sari : Thank you.
A. Would you
B. Can I
C. Why don’t you
D. I’ll do
E. Should you 

8. Anita me to clean your car?
    Mira : No, thanks. I’ll do my self.
A. How about
B. Let’s
C.Would you
D. I think
E. Will me
9. Ahmad : I have so many works, I don’t know how I will manage.
    Bram : ...half of it if you want.
A. Would you
B. I think
C. Why don’t
D. I will help you with.
E. Should you share 

10. Jack : I submitted my task to my teacher, but I haven’t any response from her.
      Diana ...go and ask her
A. Shall us
B. I’ll do
C. Why don’t you
D. I propose
E. If I were you
11. Westie : Smoking should be banned in public places.
      Afton : ...that smoking makes dangerous for hour health
A. I agree
B. I disagree with you
C. I donot believe that
D. I think you are wrong
E.That’s not the same thing at all. 

12. Eira :Woman should not work.
      Cordelia : ...woman should take care of their children
A.I Think it’s not right.
B. That’s a good point.
C.I’m not sure
D. I disagree with you.
E. I’m diffrent opinion 

13. Ellie : ...
      Bram : I think it is great.
A.Do you know this?
B. What is the content?
C.What does it mean?
D.When do you read this book?
E. What do you think of this book?
14. Budi : What do you think about the restaurant? 
      Andy : The price is too expensive. 
Fron the dialogue above we can conclude :
A. Budi is expressing pleasure.
B. Andy is expressing pleasure.
C Andy is expressing displeasure.
D.Budi is expressing displeasure.
E.Budi is asking Andy’s opinion.

15. Melly : I like to stay in villages.
      Lela :...The airr is fresh.
A. I dont have the idea.
B. I have diffrent opinion.
C. I dont think so
D. I disagree with you.
E. I agree with you. 

16. Amar : What do you think of this T-Shirt?
      Mac : I thik it’s great.
From the dialogue we know that Amar :
A. Expressing opinion.
B.Agreeing to Mac’s opinion.
C. Asking opinion.
D.Asking the price.
E.Giving opinion. 

17. Dilla : ...?
      Gilbert :I think it is big and attractive match.
A. What about the food.
B.What do you think of this match.
C.How do you feel about the election.
D.How bout watching the movie?
E.Don’t you think I look good? 

18. Joe : This math problem looks really hard.
      William : ...I’ve already finshed.Let me help you finish it.
A. I agree with you.
B. I disagree with you.
C. I couldnt agree more.
D. This is absolutely right.
E.I think so. 

19. Rizza : What kind of music do you like?
      Makayla : ...
A. I usually sing every day.
B. I don’t think so.
C. I join in a group.
D. I believe that singing makes happy.
E. I like Rock song. 

20. Nava : ...
      Barack : Why ? our old car is fine and functional
A. What do you think of our house?
B.I believe that smoking should be banned
C. I think we should buy a new car.
D. How about going by our motor?.
E. Do you think we use our refrigerator?

21. Narsha : Would you come to my party tonight?
      Aliya :...I have to do my homework.
A. That’s sound nice but I can’t.
B. Thank you.I’ll come.
C. Ok,I’ll be there
D.When and where?
E.I will be glad. 

22. Yanti : My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary....
      Diana : I would be delighted to come.
A. What do you think.
B. Would you like to join us.
C.When is it?
D. No, nothing.
E. Ok, I will be there on time.
23.Adam : Mr Budi I would like to invite you to the opening my software company.
     Mr Budi :...I will join there.
A.With pleasure.
B.I’m affraid I can’t.
C.Sorry, I am busy to day.
D.I have many works.
E.Perhaps I attend a seminar. 

24. Reza : Would you like to have dinner with me?
      Rizka :That’s sound nice...?
      Reza : Saturday night in Es Teller cafe.
A. Good idea
B. I think good
C. That’s a good opinion.
D. I like it.
E. When and where will be?.
25. Rica : It’s already lunch time. Let’s eat at the cafetaria.
      Sam : ...I feel like I am hungry.
A. How about another place
B. Let’s not eat anywhere.
C. Sorry,I am busy to day.
D. I prefer eat at home.
E. With pleasure. 

26. Benn : Hello, May I speak to Intan
      Barbara :Sorry. She is out....
      Benn : Tell her I will come.
A. Is this her sister?
B. Who is calling now.
C. May I take a message.
D. Will I give you a message.
E.I’ll talk to her.
27. Secretary : Good morning.Sempurna corporation. Can I help you?
      Caller : Morning.Could I speak to Mrs Rina.
      Secretary :...
      Caller : This is Doni Nugroho.
A. Can I have your phone number.
B. who is speaking please.
C. Can I have your phone number?
D. A message please?
E. Anything else Sir?
28 .Waiter :I have made your order ...
Yes : It’s 555-9639
A. Can I tell you my number?
B. Should you write your phone number.
C. May I know your phone number?
D. Who is calling please?
E. May I know your address?
29. Yola :... 
      Mrs Aldridge : I’m affraid you have the wrong number.
A. Can I Take your number?
B. Is this Mrs Kim?.
C. Will you leave a message.
D.Can you give a message?
E. Who am I talking with? 

30. Essy : Hello, May I speak with Winy.
      Mella : ...can I take a message?
A. sorry, she is going out.
B. Who is Wenni?
C.Exactly, just a minute
D.Would you ask her?
E. I’ll call her in the evening.

Essays :

Respond this offer

1. Aura : Will you have lunch with me
    Willy :...When will it be?
Give the suggestion for next question.
Answer : Thank you, I will love it.

2. Respond this situation and give agreement or disagreement based on the dialogue.

X :Woman should not work
Y :...Woman should stay at home and take care of their children.
Answer: I Agree

Text to Question 3 - 5

To : Santy
From : Mia
I would like you to come to my graduation party. It will be held on :
Day : Sunday, April 17, 2019
Time :08.00 PM
Venue : Jl Gatot Subroto 4, Bandung.I’m looking forward to see you there.
With Love

Answer these questions based on the text!

3. Why does Mia invite her friend?
Answer: Her graduation party

4. When will it be held?
Answer: 17 April 2019

5. Where is the place of the occassion?
Answer: Jl. Gatot Subroto no 4 Bandung

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